When I try to paste code into Trello I get very weird formatting after saving but it seems it does format code, I just can't get it to work right. Currently I'm just putting links to Gist, but I would prefer to just paste it straight in there.


Include formatted code by wrapping it in three backticks (```) at the beginning and end of the block, or by starting a line with four spaces.

Important note — the triple backticks have to be on a separate line and ensure you have a blank line before and after the code block.


Either surround the code by backticks (`) for smaller segments of code, or make sure that each line begins with a tab or at least four spaces.


Finally found the answer here:


using markdown is outdated, its not as easy as just using Gist haha, think I'll keep that route... they should really work on their tools.

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    I don't feel that merely because someone feels Tool-A is "not just as easy as" Tool-B that that makes Tool-A "outdated" and worthless. I happen to love Markdown, and it is used by far more tools than Gist. Plus, Gist is aimed really at CODE -- Markdown is aimed at DOCUMENTATION. Two different tools.
    – Bane
    May 7 '15 at 17:00

I know that the subject is a bit old, but I found myself faced with this problem.

I wrote an userscript if anyone is interested in it. It works with triple backslash with line feed and allows syntax highlighting, according to the indicated language.

(edit: here)


# Title

Text line

    import Vue from 'vue';
    import App from './App.vue';

    let vm = new Vue({
        el: '#box',
        render: h => h(App)



Trello syntax highlight result


In 2020, wrapping a code block in ``` (triple backticks) in Trello still drops newlines, etc.

I have to add 4 spaces before each line to get it display lines and indentation properly. Thanks @GiH for leading me to the source docs.


  • You need a blank line before and after the triple backticks to separate the code block from the rest of the card text.
    – axxis
    Mar 5 at 7:37

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