I have added a gh-pages branch to a project on GitHub, but the GitHub pages are not appearing.

What could be going wrong?


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On your repository, there is settings link. Open it. Settings menu on top right

Scroll down a bit, there is GitHub Pages settings. Scroll down a bit

Try to select different source from "Select source" dropdown/combobox and save. Then change it again into gh-pages branch and don't forget to save.

This fix my head-banging-404-waiting-nothing-happening-after-hours-refreshing

  • This was it for me too. When I first pushed the gh-pages branch, the interface makes it look like that branch is being published. But it isn't until you switch it to master, and then back to gh-pages that it's actually published.
    – chrismarx
    Jun 12, 2018 at 22:51

GitHub Pages often take a few minutes to show up, especially on the first creation of the gh-pages branch. From the default 404 page:

There isn't a GitHub Page hosted here, sorry.

Are you trying to publish one?

We'll send you an email when your page has been built. It may take up to ten minutes until your page is available.

(emphasis added)

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