When I assign a card to someone on Trello they don't know about or are even notified of other things that occurred on the card, e.g. like due dates, adding items to checklist, etc., unless I leave a comment explaining such.

I need them to know that happened without having to leave these verbose comments. Is this possible?

I often have to write an activity comment to get user's attention and I can't see a way for a card's activities to trigger an alert.

Otherwise, I can go make lots of changes, and no one knows they've been made. Being able to select more options for what alerts you get would be even better. Putting that into the activity comments is redundant and inefficient (but works).

I'm also confused as to the difference between being a member and a subscriber. Especially when it comes to what notifications you get.

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  • Your question about backups is another matter entirely and better as a separate question in its own right – Eight Days of Malaise May 18 '12 at 20:28
  • Members assigned to a card should be getting notifications. Otherwise, it's a bug and you should email support@trello.com with more detail. Read more about the subscribe feature here: blog.trello.com/… – Bobby Grace May 21 '12 at 15:24

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