Is it possible to search for a video in YouTube only in the channels one has subscribed (and not in all possible channels)?

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    Hard to believe that this is still not possible, but it seems to be the case. – newenglander Oct 21 '17 at 15:31
  • I use youtube-dl and a script to download all video titles and descriptions of each subscribed channel into one huge text file. Then I can search in that file for that one video I watched a year ago but could only remember one word of the title :-) – Xan-Kun Clark-Davis Jan 20 at 21:10

What you are asking for is not possible, YouTube has no such feature.

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  1. Go to the Subscribed channel.
  2. You'll find a magnifying glass just right to about link underneath channel title.
  3. Click it, provide search query and enter, you'll have the results from withing that channel.
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    That works for only one channel, the question asks about multiple channels. – newenglander Oct 21 '17 at 15:29

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