Is there a url to the author's page for a particular tumblr blog?

In the tumblr docs the author url just links to the author's own tumblr blog.

Ie, Is it possible to filter posts of a blog to a particular author?

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I'm fairly sure the only filtering you can do on posts (at least in the basic format, I know nothing of the API) is using tags. If the posts aren't tagged for author, then you probably can't. As noted here:

Tumblr has only two main types of page:

IndexPage include 3 sub-types:

If what you want to filter for can't be achieved by these (and I'm fairly sure filtering using {PostAuthorURL}/{PostAuthorName} is not possible), then you can't do it with the base tumblr theme tools. If it's possible with Javascript and the API, I don,t have the competence to tell.

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