I'd like to set a list, or an entire board, such that all its cards will always be sorted by vote count.

Is this possible?

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Please see this card, which has just been moved back to the Trello development board.


Card order within a list is meaningful. When you change the order of cards in a list, it means something and is reported in a notification. This presents special challenges for the design of any sorting functionality we might consider.

When you sort, who sees it? You or everyone? Is it reported to everyone? What if you inadvertently sort and destroy a list order that was meaningful? Do we need to offer recovery/undo options?

If sorting is just for finding cards, do we offer the ability to sort only for your current view of the interface? How do we reflect that to you so that you don't think you've re-sorted for everyone? What happens if someone changes the order of a list while you have it sorted?

We would need to support sorting temporarily, for viewing, in which case you wouldn't be able to reorder the cards, and everyone else would see the current order, and "solidifying" that sort, which would be reported ("Rich Armstrong reordered the Ideas list by Votes.")

There's clear value in being able to find things in lists, but sorting can be really problematic.

For the foreseeable future, we're likely to focus on improving filtering before tackling any sorting.


No this is currently not possible.

I suggest sending a feature suggestion to their email : [email protected]


While building this feature as native is in debate (changing the order of cards in a list changes the meaning), you can use the Ultimello extension in Google Chrome.

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