I want to create a calendar for a private organization. I want everyone to be able to see the calendar without a loggin but don't want the calendar to be "public" (searchable).

I.e., accessible/viewable only if you have the link.

I looked at the Google Calendar settings and the closes they have is a private iCal link, but then these people would need to know how to add that to their calendar and that's probably too complicated.

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If you are using Google Calendar, you can send your calendar link to any email/ email-group and no log-in is required to access that calendar.

You can do it by following these steps:

1.Open google calendar.

enter image description here

2. In calendar list right click required calendar and select open send to friend.

enter image description here

3. Send it required mailing group. enter image description here

All recipients of mail will get a link in email & able to browse on any internet browser & no log-in is required. enter image description here


Is there a company-wide email alias for your company? If so, you can try sharing the Calendar to "View" events only.

In this way the HTML link you send should allow them to view the events associated with this calendar.

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