After registration with some email I get:

Confirm Email

We sent an email to nuvem@nuvemk.com with a verification link. It might take some time to show up, but when it does you will be ready to use Trello.

The thing is, I don't see any email.

I've tried this address as well:


I've placed my email several times, and I can't receive any email at all. Yes, the email is correct. Yes, Trello has sent me other emails to this email, for example when I was invited. But I haven't received any email for registering.

Is this a manual process?

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Please contact support@trello.com. We can provide you with logs to take to your mail administrator that will help them track down the missing messages.

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Try visiting


This page will allow you to send a test notification to yourself to verify that the notifications process is working for your account. If it isn't working, you should contact support@trello.com

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  • I cannot send a test_notification because I'm not logged in. This user, the user I'm trying to register, can't access that page. – mem Jun 18 '12 at 16:02

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