On Facebook I have 10 to 15 people on my custom list so they can not see my posts . Yet , when I post a status , one of the people I have on my custom list likes my status even though I had them on custom which they can not see it , when I post a status it shows a friend sign next to the status which means all my friends can see it , please help me !! I don't know why it's doing that !!! Please help?


You need to put people you don't want to see your posts into the acquaintances list and make sure that you are posting to the following list:

enter image description here

If you post to any of the other lists they'll be able to see and comment on things that you post.

Keep in mind also that if you're currently looking at a custom or default list (like Close Friends or your work list) that if those people are in those lists they'll be able to see those posts.

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