Gtalk doesn't provide groups in chat window. If I am online, I am online for all. If I am invisible, I am invisible for all. So, I see a very large list when I get online. For me, say for example, few people are important to me right now. So, to hide other people, I set Never Show option to other people to whom I don't want to chat with right now.

  • Assume I set never show for 25 people & now I don't remember all of them.
  • How to unhide or auto to all of them back?

Please add comment, if you don't understand what I am asking for.

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    I totally get what you mean.. and I also was looking for that.. :)
    – Lipis
    Commented Jun 15, 2012 at 14:24

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No answer here in a long time so I will try.

No, there is no way to bulk unhide the contacts that you said "never show."

However, Google Chat now provides a way to change the size of the widget on the left side of the inbox.

Click on your picture at the top of the chat widget. Under Show in chat list there are options to control how many contacts appear in your window. This should help prioritize the folks you chat with, allowing you to leave everyone as "Auto"


Click on your picture at the top of the chat widget and drag. Then the option Hidden contact appears. The hidden contacts will be visible. Then click Unhide.

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