Why my Facebook profile says I have 155 friends but I'm only seeing 150 when I ran this http://www.peacegig.com/facebook-apps/backup-friends/index.php?zip-request=true I saw unknown person list as Facebook friend I can't even unfriend nor block. What's going on with Facebook?

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This is probably people who have deactivated their accounts. They are still your "Friends" although their account is not active.

The reason for this is that When they re-activate their account, their friends are still connected. Otherwise they would have to re-add all of their friends.

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    You don't work with Facebook, right? Oh well who knows? The Facebook internals (I mean whatever they're doing to help 0bama) are as secret as the USAF X-37B.
    – James Lee
    Jun 19, 2012 at 20:10

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