How do I import document into Google Docs? I don't see an import option. Do I open the drive and drop it in?

I am trying to follow these ACRA (Application Crash Report for Android) steps:

  1. Login to your Google Docs account
  2. Import the CrashReports-template.csv contained in the archive (acra-4.2.3/CrashReport/doc), with conversion enabled
  3. Open the imported document
  4. Rename it as you like
  5. In the Google Docs menu, click on Tools / Form / Create a form

Where is this Google Docs Menu tools/Form/Create its not on drive an logging in on the web to google docs, I don't see it.

Where is import option and conversion enabled? I have Google Docs and I'm on a Mac.

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When you navigate to Google Docs, there should be a button to the right of create with a picture of a drive. Click it and select Files or folder. You can navigate to the file and should be able to import it fine. A message should also appear with upload settings that you may specify.

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