Is there a possibility to filter on deadline or only on deadlined cards?

We have deadlined cards and other cards without deadline. As a team lead, I would like to see all deadlined cards, so I can change priority if needed.


Using the Trello API, François de Metz created a third party web application called trello-calendar which shows all of your cards with deadlines on a calendar. He runs it as a hosted app at https://trellocalendar-francois2metz.dotcloud.com/, but the source is also available on github.

If you are worried about using a third party trello app with your data, the developer has this to say about security on his site:

Security No data are stored on our server.

We ask for both read and write permissions. The write permission is to be able to update due date on cards.

Although this is not exactly native functionality, it may get the job done for you in the meantime.


No there is no functionality for this at this time. You could possible use a tag, label or particular person assigned to a card with a due date and filter by that as a work around.

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