I developed a new page about history on Google Sites and I am able to see that page (History) through the sitemap. However, I am not able to see that similar page on main tabs which are always present at right-hand side on the website to browse across the website.

I am new to Google Sites so I am not sure where exactly am I going wrong in making a new page and showing it on main tabs. The way I developed the new page was to click on New page (c) while being on Home, and once it directed me to name the new page then choosing the option as shown below:

new page dialog

Can someone help me to display the name of the new page on the tabs shown in figure above?


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In order to make a tab show up in the navigation menu of your Sites pages, you will need to add it manually. Creating a new page doesn't add it to the navigation automatically.

Go to: More > Edit Site Layout > Click the navigation menu > Add Page

You can then select the page you want and it should show up in your navigation menu.

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