I want to create a Webservice where companies can place their ad on my webpage. They have to pay money for the ad: periodically every month. I want to realize the payment with PayPal.

But i have to track if the company has paid, and if not i want to deactivate the company-account on my website.

In my opinion, i have to check the date when someone paid to PayPal, write the date in my Database and check one month later if the company paid again.

I couldn't find anything on the PayPal API-Websites.

Can anyone help me or give me a good explanation how PayPal handle those things?


Paypal does provide API access to manage this through the Recurring Payments API. The doco has a description of the workflow required, but of particular interest to you would be GetRecurringPaymentsProfileDetails.

You could check the profile status or the date of last payment received to see if a payment has been made and act accordingly.

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