I have a number of boards and want to see all my outstanding tasks. Is there one place where I am able to do this, without having to go to each board individually?

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The answers in this thread might be helpful: Is it possible to view cards across projects by due date on Trello?

The first answer points to a third party site Trello Calendar and the second mentions a card on the Trello development board discussing a similar feature.

Hope this helps.


This is now available here and very useful.

Just visit https://trello.com/my/cards, or click the ‘Cards’ link in the sidebar. Trello sorts cards by board then by list, so cards on leftmost lists will show up first.

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Since the Trello calendar from Jacob's answer doesnt work anymore but still some users come from google,

try this http://trello-calendar.w11k.de - its a calendar with all of your cards of all boards.

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