I don't understand it. All my statistics are working perfectly, except the In-Page Analytics. It just says:

We found no clickthroughs for this page. Try adjusting the date range or select another page.

enter image description here

I looked on the web and only found this post on the Google Product Forums, but it contains only complaints, no solutions.

Then I found this solution over at aillum that suggested that the issue with URI Filters. But I have no filters installed at all:

enter image description here

What else could it be?

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Please note that when you view In-Page Analytics, it displays the current URL at the top left:

enter image description here

Google Analytics allows you to override that URL with a custom one when a user views your website. For the specifics, you can check out the question How can I set a Page Title with Google Analytics?

You can simply check if this is the case, by looking at any other statistics. Does the same page show up there like this?

enter image description here

There's your problem.

As a side note, I encountered this issue through a TYPO3 extension (rsgoogleanalytics). When setting plugin.tx_rsgoogleanalytics.registerTitle to title or rootline, this causes the reported page title to be overridden.

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