For each new card I create, I would like to have the same check list. Is there a way to save a checklist so that I can add it to each card without having to type the title and each checklist item for each card?

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I would create a card that you could call "my template card". On it create the checklist, and any other feature you need. Then, every time you need a new card, just copy it, and rename it to what you actaully want.

  • What if I add cards in a batch and on top of that, I have a combo of checklists that I don't always use on every card?
    – Saxtus
    Jul 20, 2013 at 20:26

I've written a script that allows you to automatically add checklists to new cards, and will bulk update existing cards too - details here: http://www.littlebluemonkey.com/pimp-your-trello-cards/

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