I need to make Google Sheets evoke the row number for a cell reference by pointing to another cell. I have a form with different cells that point to another sheet (Sheet1!). All the cells always point to a cell of a similar row number; only the column changes.

For example: the Name field points to Sheet1!C2, Address points to Sheet1!D2, Phone Number points to Sheet1!E2.

I want to have a single cell where I can type the row number, so that if I were to type in 5 in such cell, it will automatically make the previous fields point to C5, D5, E5.

Is there a way of doing this?

I am trying to avoid having to go into each cell and manually change the 2 to a 5 or any other number.


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You can use the INDIRECT function.

Here is how it works:

enter image description here

And watch it live at this link

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