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Facebook timeline - none of my comments or likes on friends posts show on my timeline

When I check 'like' on friend's Facebook timelines of photos or comments, they do not show up in my timeline even though many are open to the public or other friends.

I had a look in the privacy settings, but there is nothing on changing the 'like' settings, and I have set everything to allow friends to see.

On the activity log page my likes are listed, so here I tried to change the setting for each one individually. When I scrolled over circles on the right of each individual post it says that it is 'allowed in timeline' but when I click on the circle I only get the option to 'unlike'. I looked at 'Hidden' under the 'All' tab (on the upper right of screen) but I have nothing there. Still on the same page, I went to the 'activity log' tab (on the upper left of screen) and scrolled down to 'LIKES', but it only lists music, movies & books, etc and these show up fine in my timeline.

I would appreciate if anybody can help me resolve the issue, or is this a glitch in FB?


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Posts that you liked or commented won't appear in your Timeline unless you shared them. The liked post will appear to your friends on their news feed according to their news feed settings. This is not a glitch, it's an intended behavior.
Allowed in Timeline means, if your friends can see this activity on their news feed or not

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