I would like to set myself weekly, monthly and yearly target lists for both my professional and personal life, so that I can track accomplishments with ease. I also want to track my list of things which I needed to do everyday.

Is there any best freely available web app for such a task?

I know Google Calendars provides an option of adding a task list but I'm looking for a much better available option.

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    Have you considered using Trello? I use it every day and love it. – Oliver G Aug 9 '12 at 14:10

I really like the style and organization capabilities associated with wunderlist. In addition to keeping lists for Today, Tomorrow, 7 Days, and Someday you can add specific due dates and view tasks either in separate lists or all-in-one.

You can also star tasks, search tasks, reorder them, share them, and print them out. I'll stop since I'm sounding a bit like a promotional ad (I'm not associated with wunderlist, I just really like it), I'll leave it at that.

Hope that does the trick for you.


I use Remember the Milk. It's easy to add items to a list and you can use keywords such as "Pick up mail on Monday" and it will make a task scheduled for Monday called "Pick up the Mail". It's pretty light weight and free. I believe the phone apps are not free though.

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