I connected my Blogger profile with Google Plus, but I don't like it anymore. Can I go back and switch to the old Blogger profile?

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Here is a link: http://www.blogger.com/revert-profile.g

Click this when you are logged into your Google account, and you will land directly on a page where you can switch back to your old Blogger profile.


This Worked For me.. To Check that your profile name is changed first login to your account follow below link and check your Blogger Profile Name.

LINK :: https://www.google.com/dashboard [1]

Then Use the link below

LINK :: http://www.blogger.com/revert-profile.g

This will led you to a page where it will ask to "Change the Blogger Profile Display name" Change the name & Press "Continue To Blogger". The name will be changed. Again go to link [1] & check that your Blogger Profile Name is Changed.

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