Does anyone know how to forward all email messages under a particular label in Gmail to another person?

I have 105 email messages that I managed under the label "Stumble Upon" and now I want to send all of them to another person. Is this possible?

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Solution for future incoming e-mails

Create a new filter with the adequate words or label and then apply the filter.

Here it is step by step:

  • Go to Settings (button top right of your inbox)
  • Pick the Filters tab
  • At the very bottom, click on Create a new filter
  • In the field Has the words, add "label:StumbleUpon" (or whatever)
  • Choose Create filter with this search
  • Check Forward it to: and choose the right e-mail address
  • Check Apply to the [XX] conversations
  • Press Create Filter

[EDIT] The "Apply" doesn't work for old mails, you will have to use one of these tricks:

Forwarding past mails


You can use Google Scripts to Forward Gmail messages in bulk based on labels and unlike filters, scripts even work with existing messages.

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You can use SquadMail and share that label with someone. Just sing up for free, create a label and invite someone else to it. The label will show up in both of your Gmail accounts and every email you put in it is automatically synchronized.

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