I tried researching for a way to disable a redirect link of my Tumblr image posts, but can't seem to find one.

This is my problem, when I post an "Image Post", if you click on it in the main page will redirect the readers to the post URL, which is something like this: http://xxxx.tumblr.com/post/297525140792343/imagepost (just a sample).

What I want to do is that to disable this action, or, I don't want the image to be clickable into that URL. How do I do this?


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If you want to remove redirect link for Image posts (to disable previewing images bigger) then search for this in your Tumblr HTML code:

{LinkOpenTag}<img src="{PhotoURL-500}" alt="{Permalink}">{LinkCloseTag}

And replace it with this:

<img src="{PhotoURL-500}" alt="{Permalink}">

It worked perfectly fine for me!


My theme was a little different, but I figured that all you need to do is search for (Cmnd/Cntrl F) these : {LinkOpenTag} and {LinkCloseTag} and remove them.


Depends on your Tumblr theme. You'll need to go in your photo block and change/remove the url to {Permalink}

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