Does anybody know a web service that allows you to

  • insert the books you have
  • mark authors you like
  • mark book series you like
  • rate books
  • write reviews
  • automatically find people who read similar books
  • insert the languages you know
  • gives, based on this information, recommendations for interesting books
  • generate an rss-feed / send emails for some events, e.g.
    • an author you like wrote a new book
    • a serie you like got a new book
    • a book you marked got translated in your language

(and perhaps save your information for usage out of this system)

I only know amazon and some other book stores that offer some recommendations, but I don't know any service that allows me to keep track of the books an author writes.

Do you know a web service like that?

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You can do most of that on goodreads. Check out their How It Works page to see how to sign up, add your books, get recommendations, etc.

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