A lot of people are forking my GitHub repo and I would like to be able to see what new features they may be working on without having to manually visit each fork to watch.

How to automatically watch all of these repositories? And can I set up all new forks be watched in the future?

Right now I have to watch them manually, it takes many clicks.


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Just write a small script with Github API. That should be fairly easy.

  1. Get the list of forks
  2. Foreach result set watching
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Was looking around for a solution to this problem. Didn't see one, so used the previous answer and threw this shell script together.

The gist is that you enter your username, authentication token, and list of repositories to exclude. The script then makes three API calls to fetch your repos, fetch the forks of each repo, and set a watch on each of these forks.

You may want to add it as a cronjob to regularly check for and follow new forks.

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