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Does Gmail sends “suspicious sign-in prevented ” emails or is it a trick?

I've just received the following notification, apparently from GMail:

Unusual sign-in location

Someone signed in from a location that isn't typical for your account. If it wasn't you, change your password immediately. Learn more
1. Review unusual sign-ins.

Prevented application sign-in
unknown.com |
Aug 13, 2012 8:30:10 PM

Is it legitimate?

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I am not sure that it is legit or not, but I suggest you to check that activity by yourself. If that is true, you should change your password immediately.

You can do the following steps to check the activities to your account.

  1. scroll down till the end of your inbox in your Gmail account and click on Details link.


  2. Then you will find the latest activities to your Gmail account. You can check the country, IP address , and client that use your Gmail account. If you find unusual activities, you can click on Sign out all other sessions to completely sign out from all other sessions.

    session info

  3. You can also double check the IP address that you have mentioned in the sessions information too. If that so, I suggest you to change your password immediately.

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