When trying to find a unique branding for a product, it's hard to find an online username that's free on all desired sites. Even though the .com might be free, someone (real/fake/inactive person, bot, squatter) inevitably has registered that name somewhere.

Is there any way to petition for an already taken username on any of the popular sites?


If you're still trying to decide on a name, you could run it through namechk as suggested in this answer.

You might be able to reclaim the name by contacting the site's administrators, but you'll probably have more luck if you own a registered trademark on it.

Some sites have policies against namesquatting:


If you have a trademark on the name, you could submit it to twitter or facebook and have the username turned over to you.


Although that would work for twitter and facebook there is no way to protect the name from use on other forums. You could try to reclaim a trademarked name but it would be a lot of work.

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