I have Google Adsense on my site and at some stage I was asked to select a currency and selected Australian dollars. However I would prefer to go back to US dollars as that is where most of the advertisers are from and so the exchange rate doesn't affect reporting.

Can this be done?


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It is not possible. See this help document. The only way to change currency is to close your account and create a new one.


It seems the situation has changed since @Josh Curren posted his A. The same link now shows:

WA3107 example

Reporting currencies

Change the currency in my performance reports

You can view your performance reports in a different currency to your payment currency.

To change your reporting currency:

  1. In the left navigation, click Performance reports.
  2. Click the currency drop-down USD and select a new currency from the list.
Note that when viewing performance reports in a different currency to your payment currency,
monetary values might not be completely accurate due to currency fluctuations.

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