If you don't already know, you can use the Print Screen button (or Alt+Print Screen for a single window) in Microsoft Windows to grab a screen shot and put it on your clipboard. Is there a website that can look at my clipboard, upload the image, and provide me a URL to the image that I can share with others?

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This is exactly what the original poster wanted and also what I wanted. I wanted to share this awesome tool for anyone else: http://snag.gy. You just ctrl+v after you print screen and it's there. There are also some editing tools (crop, drawing) if necessary.

  • Finally someone has found/made it! I did a quick test and it seems to work just fine. Sep 9, 2012 at 13:21

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1) TinyGrab

You press Ctrl+Shift+4 (configurable to what you want), then you click+drag to select an area with a crosshairs. It then uploads it directly to their service, and puts a short link to it on your clipboard (http://grab.by/shortID). It works quite well, is free, and can be used on OS X or Windows. http://grab.by/4QPg

2) Jing

You click the Jing icon, click to select a window or use the crosshairs to select an entire region, then can take either a still screenshot or a screen video recording. It can then be automatically uploaded to Jing's servers, or you can set it to upload to your own FTP server.

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    Not a bad answer but I am asking for a website that can do this instead of an app. If we can't find one (or a way to make one) then this will ultimately be the solution. Jul 11, 2010 at 17:51
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    Ah, I see your point. In that case, any of a variety of image upload services would work. It's going to be less convenient with solely a website, because it won't be able to take the screenshot, just do the uploading. After re-reading your question, I'd like to add that for security reasons, websites cannot just read your clipboard without your permission. There may be a solution using flash or silverlight, but not with regular JavaScript and HTML. With HTML5, there may be ways to drag-and-drop an image into the browser window to be uploaded. I'll keep my eyes out for a site like that.
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    Jul 11, 2010 at 17:55

See also this StackOverflow question. It appears there are at least a couple Java tools that will allow the pasting of an image form the clipboard.

Would be nice to know if there are an AJAX-y ones, too.


For security reasons there is no easy way for JavaScript in a browser to access the clipboard. Browsers will show you warnings or may refuse the request completely. Probably that's why not many picture managment sites have such feature. A desktop software would be a much better suited tool for the job.


Yes. Very handy! Imaer can upload a file, clipboard data, or screen selection to Imgur. It does require a right-click > Upload Clipboard, it won't automatically do it, but still so handy.

Edit: Also, depending on what version of Windows you are on, the Snipping program can come in handing for getting the right screenshot. You can save or copy to the clipboard in Snipping, and then use Imaer to get a Imgur url.


There is going to have to be some kind of desktop connect for this to happen.

Try iClippy , it is the closest you will get.

How does iClippy work?

iClippy works by capturing the visuals from screen, camera, or scanner to an online clipboard without having to save the pictures to the local computer first. The images are immediately available for pasting into email, online document, blog, instant message, twitter, facebook, or any other number of resources. The images are also searchable both from the web and from the local sidebar. The images are automatically scaled down to the size that’s appropriate for online resources and as defined by the account type.

Can I access the images in my clipboard from the desktop?

Yes, iClippy comes with a native sidebar application which allows you instant access to your iClippy library. The sidebar allows listing through pages of images, narrowing down the set through search, pinning the image to not be replaced, copying the image into the local clipboard for further use with local or online resource, deleting an image, following the link which is attached to the image, and more..

Provide me a URL to the image that I can share with others? To find a link to an image, proceed to http://my.iclippy.com, find the image you’d like to share, and send its URL.

The limitation here at least for me to vet it, is that it is for Windows only.


If you are using Dropbox, then it's easy. Just copy and save the image and put it into the Dropbox public folder. Then right click -> Dropbox -> Copy Public URL and voila!


I noticed that if you attach an image right here, it creates a URL (https://i.sstatic.net/xxxxxx.png) that you can send to others and persists over time. If the image you save is your screenshot saved to a file (in MSPaint even) you can easily share your image with others.

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