I'd like to add some simple block diagrams to my GitHub wiki. Is there any way to do this without embedding images?

  • How else have other places added block diagrams? – Eight Days of Malaise Oct 3 '12 at 21:51
  • I suppose I meant some form of textual markup rather than binary files. Since Gollum supports sequence diagrams, and since simple block diagrams are such a valuable tool in software documentation, I wondered if there was an easy way to create them within GitHub wikis. – M. Dudley Oct 4 '12 at 1:45

You might try Figurepool to create a diagram, generate a Markdown code snippet that it provides and just copy paste the snippet into the Github wiki. Check out this blog post: http://figurepool.com/blog/Embedding_images_and_diagrams_in_github_wiki_pages_and_issue_tracker.html.

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Check out umlet-github, a Google Chrome extension that allows you to create diagrams in UMLet, store them as UXF files in your repository and view them in your browser within the GitHub interface.

umlet-github converts UXF into SVG

At the moment umlet-github does not support GitHub wiki's however I'm working on a project to solve some of the larger problems in this area at the moment and will update this answer to reflect developments.

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