I need a fast, scalable PHP/MySQL solution that would have two main sections:

  • a basic blogging tool, so that the site maintainers can write articles about upcoming events to be posted on the front page. A calendar should also be displayed on the front page so users know what's coming up in the next few weeks
  • a forum where users can talk with each other, and also send private messages to one or more users. I like FluxBB for its speed, but I don't know if its anti-troll feature is good enough

Nice add-on's would be 1) to display the list of connected users on one side of the front page, and 2) have the calendar section let the site owners create events and let users sign up for it.

If you've found a solution that support the above, what tools did you end up choosing?

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SquareSpace is an excellent tool. It has both of those features as well as a full content management system. Very affordable, too.


I would strongly recommend the following tools:

WordPress (for blog) + BuddyPress (social n/w) + bbPress (forum)

  • Thanks for the tip. I'll check how fast WP + BP + bbPress is.
    – user2412
    Jul 12, 2010 at 20:50

I would recommend Drupal (http://drupal.org) which is a very extendable CMS. It comes with user accounts, forums, and blogging (your basic requirements). To find out who else is on, use the 'Who's online' block.

The calendar and event creation does not come directly out of the box but a module like GCal Events (http://drupal.org/project/gcal_events) can bring this functionality in for you.


vBulletin has both the blogging and forum functionality you're after in one solution although it's not open source and has a one-time cost of $285


Drupal is my answer. A very good CMS, which has a lot of community support, and it will support what you have been asked for.

Easy to use too. If you want to see how Drupal works before your installation, then I highly recommend you to visit this site DrupalGardens. And signup a site name(of your wish), its interface built on the Drupal 7(which is the latest version). And for learning purpose you can make of its documentation.

Hope this help's you.

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