I only follow a handful of close family members on Facebook, and I do it to share status updates as we live far away. But when I log in all I can see is (not)funny meme photos that have been "liked" by someone I follow, which is annoying.

The photos are originally posted by fake accounts with names like "I hate how spiders just sit on the wall like they pay rent", but when they are "liked" by someone I follow, they show up my stream. I'm sick of them.

How can I block these pictures from my stream without blocking the person I follow?

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In your Facebook News Feed, hover over the name of your friend and then the word Friends, and click on Settings.... If you do not want your friend's comments and likes to appear in your News Feed, uncheck Comments and Likes.

Friends menu Friends settings menu

Alternatively, choose Hide... from the menu in the upper right corner of the post and choose one of the options that are shown.

Hide menu Hide result

  • The first answer is out of date now, as Facebook have removed the Newsfeed options shown in your screenshot. The "hide post" option still works, but that only works after you have seen the image already. In order to pre-emptively hide them, you need to use the solution I offered on this page. Sep 19, 2016 at 13:53

The latest version of the FB Purity browser add-on, has options that allow you to hide images based on the content of the image. One of its built in image content filtering options is hide "Meme Images".

  1. Get FB Purity via the FB Purity Website.
  2. Go to any Facebook page.
  3. Click the "FBP" link in the top navigation bar to open the FB Purity options screen.
  4. Click the "Photo Stories" heading in the left column of the FB Purity options screen.
  5. Tick the Hide "Meme Image" option (as shown in the screenshot).
  6. Click the "Save and Close" button on the FBP options screen, to save the setting.
  7. Now when FB Purity detects a "Meme" type image, i.e. an image containing text content, it will hide that image from your newsfeed.

FB Purity is available for all the major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera

The FB Purity option that lets you hide "Meme" images from your Facebook newsfeed


They're called pages, not 'fake profiles'. You can go onto the Page and select the option to block the page.

  • Blocking a page does not actually stop posts from that page coming up in your newsfeed. It just stop the page from interacting with your posts and liking or replying to your comments. What you might have meant is to use the "hide post" menu at the top right of each post, to select the "hide all posts from this page" option. Sep 19, 2016 at 13:55

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