I have a webpage where i am having a textbox preferbaly for storing email address.

I need to create an email intake database where i need a simple database built to store emails of users “signing up” .

One of the ways i am thinking this is using an excel document on Google docs other being a standalone DB.

Can anyone share links/pointers/tutorials regarding same.


Try using the Forms functionality that is already provided by Google: http://support.google.com/docs/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=87809

This help article shows you how to set up a form, and the form responses go to a Google Spreadsheet with all of the data. You could create a simple form that asks users to enter an email address and hit "Submit"

The easiest way to create a form is:

  • Create a Google Spreadsheet
  • Click Form > Create Form
  • Add your question(s) and edit your question types

Once the form is created:

  • Click Form > Embed Form in a Webpage

You can then use the <iframe> to embed the form onto your site.

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How are you validating that the email addresses which are entered into your form do actually belong to people who want to sign up.

For example, I could go to your form and enter barack.obama@whitehouse.govt (or whatever) - that doesn't mean that the lucky soul who gets emails sent to that address wants to sign up.

One option that would provide a validation-step is to use a Feedburner feed (of something that never gets anything new sent to it). Put the feedburner email sign-up into your website, and then use Feedburner to get an excel-format list of subscribers when you need it.

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