Playing with named ranges, I discovered it is possible to name a whole column (say "September") and use it in rows:


What I'm trying to achieve now is that the value of the column ("September") comes out as a variable on another named cell ("month").

I've seen that the formula INDIRECT is used to reference a cell, but calculations don't work if I use that.


Column B named September
D10..  = "=September*C10  # works with its corresponding row number

works fine but I would like to:

Column B named September
X1 = "September"
D1..  = "=INDIRECT(X1)*C1  # only works with the value of B1 first row


To clarify my question, imagine 3 months—each on a column—with a protected named range each (January, February, March). One cell (i.e. called month_selection, elsewhere or on another sheet) where I set a text value corresponding to the column I want to use in the calculation (i.e. "January").

By changing the month on month_selector, all row calculations on Sheet1 use that month as the column value. So it will automatically choose A18, B18 or C18 if column A was called January, column B if that was named February, etc.

I thought I had it using COLUMN(INDIRECT(cell_with_name_of_colum_range) but just realized it's not.


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Your problem comes not from using named ranges, but that the multiplication =INDIRECT(X1)*C1 only uses the first row. =INDIRECT("B1:B")*C1 gives the same result.

I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but if you want a list of values, you could wrap the expression in ArrayFormula: =ARRAYFORMULA(INDIRECT(X1)*C1). This will fill column D with values from column B, multiplied by C1.

If you instead want the sum of all values from September, multiplied by C1, you would do something like: =SUM(INDIRECT(X1)*C1).

I've cooked up an example spreadsheet here.

  • Or =SUM(INDIRECT(X1))*C1
    – Zaz
    Sep 13, 2016 at 12:45

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