I want to add a second Gmail account. It will have my name in it yet I don't need Google Apps as I don't need a domain and I don't need another Google Account. My name is very common so takes a while to add dots and numbers to get accepted.

Any URL I can use for instructions?

Also, I go into editing my current Gmail address to capitalize the first letter of name: Katherine and first letter of last name: Evans and I make corrections, click SAVE but it never corrects it.

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    GMail/Email addresses are case insensitive. – Sathyajith Bhat Oct 25 '12 at 9:42

Depending on your middle initial, you could pull off something like

  • Katherine.F.Evans@gmail.com
  • K.F.Evans@gmail.com.

You may have to use a nickname like

  • Katy.F.Evans@gmail.com
  • KT.F.Evans@gmail.com.

You get the idea.

The best website for checking availability is here:New Gmail Account.

From this article, it says that it might be useful to use a website/service called About.me. I have signed up for this service and it is excellent for displaying a personal or business bio in a very professional way.

As far as needing to change the casing of your current email address, can you provide some additional details about where you are attempting to do this?

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