I know you can do this with a Google Doc, but how about a Google Spreadsheet?

I'd like to have a bookmark and then link into that cell of the spreadsheet from an HTML document.


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There is no real way if linking to a cell in Google Spreadsheets (I'm trying to build one using HTTP GET, but I'm stuck right now), but you can use a little trick I've found here.

Insert/Comment at a specific cell, and, in that comment "plus someone" - that is, type "+" and then the person's email or name NOTE: you will get a list of people in your domain as soon as you type the "+", filtered as you start typing their name/email the person you "plussed" will get an email with both the contents of the cell and your comment the link in that email will take them DIRECTLY TO THE TARGET CELL with the comment activated.

Add the person you want to send the link to, or yourself to get the link.


In the meantime Google Sheet added a simple option to do it:

  • click the cell of interest
  • right click it and choose "Get link to this cell"

annotated screen shot

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    This should be the accepted answer
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    This is helpful, but isn't quite a complete answer to the question since this link uses a naive cell coordinate, not the kind of bookmark other Google Docs can have that can follow a cell and continue to point to the right target even if its coordinates change.
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Not a perfect solution:

  1. Create a named range (that is the anchorage) at the calling cell
  2. Right click and choose Link
  3. Select the named range in this sheet
  4. Choose the named range

... but it works


But in view mode it will not possible so you can easily add &range=50:50 at the end of your url that will bookmarked line 50 for you.

  • Thanks, that was useful for my purpose - just wanted to create a bookmark that would open a Google Sheet at a specific line. This solves that problem!
    – grego
    Commented Apr 23, 2021 at 22:35

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