I have a spreadsheet for tracking sales leads. Each row is a lead. One of the columns is called "Status" and the options under this column are limited to a list of 4 options, i.e. Prospect, Proposal, Closed and Dead.

Is there a way for me to easily calculate how many rows have a status of Prospect vs how many have a status of Proposal, etc? I'd like to be able to have a summary at the top of the spreadsheet that shows how many of the leads are in each Status category (i.e. how many prospects vs proposals, etc).


Looks like you want to:

  1. Make sure your data is validated (ie the user must choose one of those four options from a list so the data is clean)
  2. Use a simple COUNTIF() statement to calculate the sum of various inputs.

Let's assume your user inputs are in COLUMN A

At the top of the spreadsheet (or anyplace you want to place your summary) you can write something like:

Column B    |  Column C
Prospect    |  =countif(A:A,"Prospect")
Lead        |  =countif(A:A,"Lead")

Obviously to be more efficient, I would use cell references instead of the actual text (eg "Prospect," "Lead," etc) to define your criteria.

Example of using a cell reference rather than text: =countif(A:A,B2)


A pivot table may suit your expressed requirement - and possibly many others also:

Add a column label to your data, if not already present, select it and your data, Data > Pivot table report..., Add field to Rows and Add field to Values. Ensure that the Values field is Summarise by: COUNTA (there is a little down arrow to click if necessary).

Copy the pivot table into the sheet above your data:

WA33974 example

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