I have a large number of draft posts on Tumblr. I often want to find one draft post to continue editing the post. If I go to the drafts page, by default only the first few posts are listed. I have to press the end key multiple times in the browser in order to expose the full list of draft posts, and then I can use the browser search feature. I'd like to have a way of bringing up the full page of draft posts or some other more efficient way of searching for draft posts.

What is an efficient way of searching for draft posts on Tumblr?

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    Tumblr currently doesn't have any functionality for searching draft posts. You might be able to get an overview of all your drafts with the New XKit extension and "Drafts+", but it doesn't look like Drafts+ supports searching.
    – ooj
    Dec 16, 2018 at 3:45


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