I'm new to Facebook. I was asked to design and create a business page for the customer. He has a business FB account.

I've tried to create a page, upload an image on it (although it was cut to 851px x 315px). Seems like that's not what I'm actually need. So, I'm stuck. I've read Why can I not create an application on my Facebook page? , but I'm still curious if I really need to choose an App on Facebook from https://developers.facebook.com/apps application or I have to do it in another way.

I want my image on FB to be about 800px to 800px and have some text, my own buttons above the image that link to the business page etc.

I think I need something like this company has on FB (just an example). But, I don't know from what link at Facebook I should start?

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The facebook page you linked to is not actually a page but a facebook application, an facebook application can have custom html, dynamic pages and other stuff, an actual facebook page can have an cover photo and profile pic only.

You cannot customize a facebook page so you can write an facebook application, facebook's guide to creat a application can be found below.

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