I am using a Google spreadsheet to gather the Registration form entries for our tournament. We can only have ten teams per age group.

How do I "close" the Registration when the number of entries for that age group reaches 10?


Setting up a conditional column and sheet.

Pros: quick and dirty.

Cons: you need to keep watching out if check changes fro FREE to FULL (added a conditional markup when it hits FULL ==> colored red). Logic needs tobe copied accordingly.

See example I've prepared: conditional column/sheet


The conventional way to prevent data entry conditionally is to apply Data validation (under the Data menu item). For simplicity, in an example I have restricted to three entries per group (rather than your ten) and for illustration chose "Show warning" rather than "Reject input":

WA35286 first example

A fourth entry for Group C has triggered the red triangles. Clear A10, switch to "Reject input" and an attempt to enter C there will be blocked.

The validation rule (adjusted for your 10) is:


WA35286 second example

Not that the validation is on the number of instances in ColumnA (age groups) - the number of names in ColumnB are not directly involved (so two or more names of different people in a single cell,or duplicate entries, and this approach would not work). Also, if your age groups are named say 10-15, 16-18 etc care would be needed with consistency as 10 - 15 and 16+ for example would be treated as separate groups, from the former pair.

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