In short: In Gmail, is there a way to let the "send from" address change automatically depending on which label the mail has?

In long: I have 4 accounts connected to Gmail.

Lets say golob@private1, golob@private2, golob@work1 and golob@work2.

Currently I'm using "Reply from the same address the message was sent to". But what, I want to have is the send from in reply would be based on the address the message came to (or based on a label), but it wouldn't necessary be the very same address.

So for e-mails sent to golob@private1, golob@private2, I want to reply with golob@private1 and for e-mails sent to golob@work1, golob@work2 I want to reply as golob@work1.

I know, I can install scripts for it, but I want it to be portable so that the solution would be base solely on Gmail options.

NOTE: The question is different and way more complex then In Gmail, can I base my "send from" address on a filter?

  • No, not with native Gmail. – ale Nov 14 '12 at 13:27

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