Is it impossible to publish to a page timeline instead of to my personal timeline? I have a FB page for my website and a pinterest for my website, and I would love to enable automatic sharing so it shows up in the FB timeline of the page.

The default configuring is publishing to a personal timeline and FB every time asks to change to my personal user account, when I want to add Pinterest to my Facebook from pinterest.com.

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According to this page:


There is no way to natively add your pinterest feed to a facebook page that isn't your profile. It does however provide a solution for you.


There are quite a few if-this-then-that recipes (like this one) that purport to do that for you.

The ones I looked at seemed to simply take the RSS feed from a Pinterest board and use new items on that to post to a Facebook page. There's probably one there that can be modified to your liking.


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