Rather than have to click on the description button


Unfortunately not.

The titles (which themselves can be quite long) are designed to be permanently visible, while a biggish description could easily take up most of the space in a list, limiting the space available to other cards.

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    "It takes up more space" is hardly an good argument against displaying descriptions if I want them. I could only have one or two cards, and space not matter to me. A card that is only title isn't much use. It's really just a card-catalog, Dewey decimal system stuff. – Engineer May 20 '18 at 20:47

You can enable the 'custom fields' power-up and define a new field to show on the front of the card


If you feel experimental you can install this extension for Chrome (requires installing in developer mode): https://github.com/alex-ut/trello-full-descriptions.

Works like a charm (as of July 2017)

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