I use Google Apps free right now with one domain (example.com). Now I have bought another domain (example2.com). Do I need to create a new Google Apps account to use example2.com or can I continue to use the new domain with my first Google Apps account?

I have verified with my first Google Apps account that I am the owner of example2.com by entering a TXT DNS record. So it looks alright and it says that it's verified.

I'm wondering because I want to use example2.com with Google App Engine but when I try to connect my application with example2.com I get a message saying:

Google Apps Administrator Control Panel has not been enabled by the administrator of the domain @example2.com.

It seems that I have to create a new Google Apps account for domain example2.com? I was hoping I could have all my domains administered from one Google Apps account.

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Turns out you can't add your secondary domain as "domain" you have to add it as a "domain alias" for it to work.

See this forum thread for more info


You can add the second domain to the first account from this link.

If you want to work from a single gmail-account, you can add mail-aliases to the primary gmail-account. If you do this and you send a mail using the second domain, Gmail adds header info about the primary gmail account in it.

  • Yes I've read that information. But it doesn't help me with Google App Engine. Nov 21, 2012 at 9:34

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