I have the following table in a Google Spreadsheet:

Name | Value
A    | 10
B    | 100
A    | 20
B    | 200
C    | 1000

How can I create another table based on a query:

select name, sum(value), count(value) from table group by name

so it looks like this:

Name | SUM   | COUNT
A    | 30    | 2
B    | 300   | 2
C    | 1000  | 1

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By using the QUERY function you can achieve your goal.


=QUERY(Data!A1:B6;"select A, sum(B), count(B) group by A")


example formula output

Using other functions, makes it achievable as well.

add this formula in A2:


add the following formulas in B2 and C2 and copy down to B4 and C4 respectively



I've made an example file for you: QUERY vs. FUNCTIONS


You can use Pivot Tables to group data in Google Spreadsheets.


Why not using Pivot Table? It will give you more options and controls than writing a custom formula. Controls live Add Columns, Rows, Values, Filters

enter image description here

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