Does Wuala allow me to link to my file from my website?

If so, are there any limits on the bandwidth?


http://wuala.com/John/Wuala%20Pressmaterial/Logos/EPS/ (directory listing)

Direct link to a file:


(not my files, just an example)

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I suppose you can. Wikipedia states the following:

share files with unregistered users, through a keyed hyperlink

As long as you use the 'keyed hyperlink', you should be ok.

Users on Wuala's support forum back this up:

Das ist schon ok. Wenn ein File zu oft abgefragt wird, gibt es aber eine Bandbreitenbeschränkung im Webinterface.

Translated: "It's ok. When a file is retreived too many times, there is a bandwith limit in the Webinterface."


Coming directly from the FAQ, yes, you are able to - using a secret link.

Q: Can I share folders with contacts who do not use Wuala?

A: Yes, of course. Simply create a secret link and send it to your contact.

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