I'm using the Priority Inbox, and want to add a Section with only unread messages from a label.

The section dropbox allows me to select a label, but shows all messages in the label (including read ones).

Earlier I was using the "Multiple Inboxes" from Gmail Labs which allows for creation of an Inbox section using a custom search. Is this possible using Priority Inbox sections?

  • The problem is: where would the unread emails get filtered to? Sounds impossible to me. – Daniel Springer Jan 11 '16 at 7:01

A little bit late, but since I found this as the first result when searching for this very issue, I should add that it's possible.

  1. Set up the priority inboxes and your labels, if they aren't already.
  2. Apply a filter to archive "work" messages coming in so they skip the main inbox.
  3. Go to Settings > Inbox > Options next to the inbox section you want to customize.
  4. Click "More Options..."
  5. Right-click or CTRL+Shift+C on the label (e.g., "work") and select "Inspect element." (Firefox users just go to Tools > Web Developer > Inspect Element and click on the label).
  6. Look for the attribute cfg="^all,Work" and change the value to cfg="^u,^all,Work"
  7. Finally, select the work label on the page as normal.

As seen on:
Customize Gmail's Priority Inbox View with a Super Simple Hack

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As of 2019 the hack provided by @Kaue Lima doesn't appear to be working. Instead it seems better to use the "multiple inbox" feature that Gmail has added.

  1. Setup your labels and filters
  2. Under Settings > Inbox choose "Default"
  3. Under Settings > Advanced choose "Multiple Inboxes" and Save your Changes
  4. You'll have a new tab under settings called "Multiple Inboxes"
  5. Go to your general gmail inbox and create a search with OR / AND, multiple labels, status etc. Copy the working search into the "Multiple Inboxes" tab under settings.
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