In Evernote, how is it possible to know the total space used by all the notes that I have in my account?

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CalS November 4, 2016:

if Windows go to Tools - Options - General and click on Open Database folder. The file with an EXB extension should approximate the size of your EN data base.

DTLow November 4, 2016:

If you click on About Evernote and press the Option key, you'll get a link to your database folder

You can get the size of the database on your Mac This should be complete, unless you have local notebooks on other computers. I have two accounts 1.86GB and 5.76GB The database for each account is under a number folder for example 123456

Space used on the servers would be similar, but not include local notebooks So it could be less space; however for me, the important number is the space taken up on my computer

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