I am trying to post some bold text to Facebook (it's part of the app I am making). I read in numerous articles on the net that I can easily make a bold text by surrounding it with * symbols.

However, I make a sample text like make me *bold*, and it does not appear bold.

When I post bold text make via some online tools, it does appear bold.

What's the catch? How can I make bold/italic text work when posting something to my wall?


No catch, you simply cannot do this. Bold accents only for Google+.

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  • So why so many article on the net about it?! Also, If I post bolded text, it will remain bold. Any ideas? – justanotherguest Dec 5 '12 at 12:05

You can't whilst posting on your wall. To make something bold ("**") and to underline something ("_ _") are only for the chat.

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